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The EC 310 N Exakt saw

The Exakt Precision Tools mini circular saw has existed in one form or another since 2002, when designer Neil Refson registered the company and started producing his innovative new tool. Now, eight years on, the Exakt Saw is a widely popular tool and is available across Europe.

Over the years, this small circular saw has evolved and changed in minor ways, such as the addition of a guard lock and the availability of blade options. However, this year, with the release of the new EC-310 N model, a number of ergonomic and physical improvements have been made.


Customer feedback for the saw focussed on two main features of the Exakt Saw – the Switch and the Guard lock.

  • Some found that holding the switch while pressing in the guard-lock put the hand in an awkward position to cut, unless the user was particularly long-fingered.
  • The pull-and-hold action of the switch was also criticised for ergonomics, having to hold the thumb back while pushing the tool down and forwards.
  • Other minor issues were also raised, such as blade access from the guard, the vacuum hose attachment system and deforming or damaging the guard.

With these issues raised through customer feedback, the Exakt engineering team set about addressing them.


Improving the Guard-lock

The original guard lock was a late addition to the Exakt saw, in order to comply with EU directives. The lock has been completely altered so that it can be held without reaching the fingers around the saw – the new design positions the lever under the index finger, allowing it to be held easily and lightly.
The new captive switch on the Exakt EC310N mini saw

Improving the Switch

The switch of the Exakt saw has been altered and is now captive – when the switch is pulled back, it slots into a position that keeps it on with the lightest touch, but still springs off when released. Ergonomically this is a huge improvement to using the saw.
The new guard lock on the EC310N circular saw

Further improvements to the saw include:

  • Re-designed guard – the metal outer giving it greater rigidity and better access to change saw blades
  • Improved fitting system for the vacuum hose
  • Printed collar replacing the depth stickers
  • New V-guard – a simplified clip on system
The Exakt Saw guard with improved vacuum attachment The V-Guard accessory for the EC310 saw The new depth collar on the exakt ec310 saw