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The Exakt DC270 Saw | Reviews and Product info

Daniel Fairhurst, FloorSkills Training Manager

"Big thanks for sending the Exakt saws so quickly - received the saws on Monday, did testing on them in the morning, apprentices were using them on the tuesday... Got really good feedback on the saws from the apprentices"

Apprentices using the Exakt DC270 and PTV700 to learn the craft of floor fitting - check out for info on training

Sandy Scott, Ascot Flooring UK

I couldn't find a review for these bought one anyway to cut ply thicker than 6mm. I fit loads of 6mm for Karndean/Amtico and the smaller Exakt saws are spot on for this but struggle for anything thicker.

I had 24 sq. mtrs of slate tiles to fit on top of 12mm WBP. This saw cuts 12mm ply no probs at all and very quickly, cleanly and accurately. Although I haven't tried it I'm sure it will cut heavier ply almost as easily. It takes a while to get the hang of using it due to the safety features but once you do it's great. The beauty of Exakt saws is the ability to use indoors without too much mess. With the blade being so thin there's not too much dust and if you use a vacuum there's virtually none. Like the other saws it has the blade guide on the gaurd which makes it really easy to follow a pencil line.

But there's more....I was curious as to how it would cut the 12mm thik slate tiles ( you def need a vacuum for this) using the diamond blade and it cut them fairly comfortably and very cleanly. In fact I cut the whole job using it and there's still plenty of life in the blade though I reckon it would only be good for the softer stones.

I also had four doors the cut about 16mm off the bottom which is a job I hate as the only clean way I found before was with a handsaw and it's hard work. I was a case of removing the doors onto trestles, scoring the cut lines with a knife, fitting a straight edge and cutting with the saw at its maximum depth of 26mm. You then whip the door over and then it's simple to pick up on the first cut and cut through from that side. It only took about 10 minutes per door to remove, cut and rehang with a really clean cut. I also had to trim the kick boards on the kitchen.....really easy.

I've also been using the saw to rip 18mm oak which was more convenient than using a table saw and much more accurate than a circular saw.
Also worth mentioning you can plunge the saw so useful for opening up floors either board or chipboard.

In summary, I wouldn't use it to cut tiles in general but for all the other wood related jobs I'm absolutely delighted with it.

- Sandy Scott, Ascot Flooring UK

Exakt DC270 Saw – Product overview

The DC270 is a new addition to the Exakt range – As a larger, more powerful circular saw it complements the existing Exakt EC type Saws. With 110mm blade diameter, the DC270 can cut up to a depth of 26mm, through an extremely wide range of materials.
Despite its larger size, the DC270 remains easy to handle and can be operated with one or two hands. The profiled body and plunging guard allow the user to make cuts swiftly and easily.

Like the smaller EC series Exakt Saws, the DC270 has interchangeable blades and operates with a plunging guard. The choice of blades allows the user to pick the best blade-type for the material being cut. The plunging guard is an inherently safe design, encasing the blade entirely on the top side of the work-piece. The action of plunging the guard also serves to hold down the work-piece and help prevent movement.
With a powerful 500W motor, the DC270 Saw can be used to cut heavy materials, like concrete slabs. Floor tiles and hardwoods are also no problem for this saw, with an ideal blade for each material type. Attach the secondary grip on the left or right hand side and the tool can be used with both hands, for increased security.

With accurate guides and a controllable variable cutting depth, the DC270 Saw is not only powerful, but also very accurate. With minimal practice, anyone can use this to open up a square hatch through floorboards, or cut out a section from a wall or other sheet material.

The DC Saw provides a larger, more powerful option for precision cutting and is the perfect complement to the Exakt EC saw range – you can pick one up on the Exakt Webstore, or even get one at a bargain price if you register any existing Exakt tool you own.




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