The Exakt EC18V Saw | Product overview

The EC18V is our latest addition to the Exakt range of tools - and our first battery powered tool. The EC18V saw was devised due to the demand from users to use their mini saw in inaccessible or awkward places.

Because of it's light-weight, one-handed use the Exakt Mini Saw is the perfect tool for quickly and neatly cutting; trimming; and plunge cutting - even on walls, or in enclosed spaces. However, the trailing power cable and dust hose can get in the way during certain jobs - and setting up an extention power cable for a small cutting job (maybe in a loft or shed) was un-needed hassle.

Thus the EC18V Battery powered mini saw was designed. As our first battery powered tool it has taken time to develop to the high standard of our current EC Mini Saw range.

We have striven to ensure that the EC18V can cut the same wide range of materials that it's mains-powered siblings can. You can use any of the full range of EC saw blades with the EC18V, including our new T60 Ceramics blade.

Some example jobs for the EC18V:

  • Trimming laminate for a floor
  • Plunge-cutting a wall to put in a socket
  • Shortening an aluminium threshold bar
  • Shaping a perspex panel for a greenhouse
  • Cutting walls, cupboards etc when kitchen fitting
  • Cutting plastic pipework or guttering to length
  • Trimming a mild-steel kickboard to fit
  • & many more!

With accurate cutting guides, a controllable variable cutting depth, and the freedom to cut without a power cable or dust hose, the EC18V Saw is an ideal tool for household DIY and specific joinery jobs. With minimal practice, anyone can use this to trim and shape materials, or cut out a section from a wall or other sheet material.

The EC18V is an ideal tool for anyone who wants to be able to cut quickly, accurately and without hassle. As it shares the same blades as our standard EC range, it makes the tool an excellent compliment to your toolbox - even if you already own an exakt saw!




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