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    The EC310N is a hand-held circular saw, designed for easy handling and the ability to cut through a variety of materials. With its interchangeable blades and variable cutting depth the Exakt Mini Saw can be used for: Woods, Composites, Plastics, Ceramic Tiles and Aluminium.   Click here to download the Exakt Precision Tools user manual for the EC310N
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About the Exakt Saw

The Exakt Saw is a hand held electrically operated circular saw disc cutter, that was specifically designed to cut sheet materials small parts and make cut outs significantly more easier than any existing method.

Thin sheet materials are traditionally cut using portable electric jigsaws, circular saws and handsaws.

With these traditional tools the material to be cut must overhang the work surface and has no support to prevent vibration and flexing. The result is that it takes appreciable skill and strength, to produce a slow, poor quality cut.

The Exakt Saw has a unique principle of operation. It compresses the material to be cut between the workbench and its base plate. This results in a faster, cleaner cut, which requires less skill, strength and finishing.

The Exakt Saw is also safer power tool due to its fully enclosed blade and efficient dust extraction. Conventional tools have limited capability when making cut outs in existing hollow structures such as doors, walls and cabinets. They are cumbersome to operate and plenty of room is required around the tool, including behind the cut surface.

The Exakt Saw excels when making cut outs and working in awkward situations due to its compactness, manoeuvrability, plunge action and single hand operation.

The Exakt Saw is suitable for use by some people whose hands are too weak to operate conventional hand and power saws, for example the disabled and elderly.

Despite its size, this tool is possibly the most versatile saw available, suitable for a multitude of applications. Due to its compactness, the Exakt Saw is often conceived as being suited best to small odd jobs and repairs, particularly when replacing individual planks in a finished floor or a cracked wall tile. However, for a very high percentage of cuts performed whilst laying a new floor of cutting up full sheets of ply, for example, this product excels.

Protecting furniture or electrical appliances from fine saw dust is not necessary due to the highly effective dust extractor. This makes working in occupied houses and offices far easier for both contractor and client.

Pre - drilling when making cut outs for switch boxes or similar apertures in floor coverings become a thing of the past. Simply measure out, follow the guidelines, remove the waste piece, fit the frame and move on to the next task.

For example, the long cuts required in the last row when laminating; there is no necessity to carry any extra guides or similar accessories. Simply measure the width of material not required, lay another piece of laminate along the appropriate marking (securing it with your free hand) and use its edge to produce a perfectly straight cut.

Whenever a new floor is laid, profiles of one kind or another made of aluminium or brass will always be installed. With the Precision Saw, all but the smallest of cuts can be performed in a fraction of the time required by a hacksaw and with no effort to the operator.




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