Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter a Voucher Code?

The box to enter voucher codes in the 'Cart' area of the shop.

To redeem a voucher:

Add valid items to the Cart by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the product page

At the top-right of your screen a box will display the items added to your Cart

Click on the 'Cart' button

The Cart page displays information on the items in your shopping cart. On this page there is a box in which to type your voucher code

Voucher codes are case specific and without spaces – They must be entered as you see them

My Goods were delivered in a used box!

We often recycle and re-use packaging and cardboard shipping cartons, so the package you receive may be in a used cardboard box.

Much of our stock is shipped into Europe and then shipped miles across and around the E.U.

We are very conscious of the environmental impact and wastage that results from this and we always seek to re-use existing shipping cartons, bubble-wrap and other packing materials where possible.

While we realise that a brand new cardboard box may look good when it arrives, we can’t justify throwing out shipping cartons to put our stock in new ones to send out to you!

This is part of our ongoing effort to reduce packaging wastage - please do not assume that an old/re-used box reflects the age or use of the product.

We hope that when you receive your parcel, you’ll go on to recycle or reuse your cardboard too!

I’ve only received part of my order

For a number of order combinations, usually an order of a tool and a case of blades or a tool and a PTV vacuum, we send the two items as separate shipments.

Sometimes this results in you receiving your goods separately - perhaps a day or two apart.

Generally this is due to the size of our shipping cartons / cardboard boxes.

As we’ve outlined above, we try our best not to waste cardboard and packaging.

Generally an order is split and sent separately in two smaller boxes to prevent us having to use a significantly larger box, which would ship a great deal of fresh air to you and be a waste of packing materials.

If an item is omitted from your order due to being out of stock, we will endeavour to contact you as quickly as possible.

In the unusual circumstance that an item from your order has been omitted, please let us know as soon as possible with details of your order and we will rectify the issue.